2400 W. Oxford Ave.

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Recycling Options

What We Accept For Recycling to Each Disposal Listed Below

We accept concrete and asphalt. Haul recyclable material in and haul recycled material out. Save time, money and pay only 4.25% tax. Too much to haul yourself? Oxford Recycling will deliver a roll-off container, you fill it, and we'll pick it up for recycling. Please remember, we only provide containers for the products we can recycle at our facility.

Recycling Fees Per Load

An environmental fee of $12.00 will be added to each disposal price listed below.

Material:Concrete or AsphaltMixed Loads (Concrete and Asphalt)Concrete with excessive steel/rebarMinimum:$33.00$63.00$83.00Tandem:$53.00$103.00$163.00Semi:$78.00$153.00$228.00

We reserve the right to reject any load contaminated with mud or dirt, clay, trash, grass, sod or other debris. We also reserve the right to increase price depending on steel content.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply.

Disposal Procedure

Approximately ½ mile south on Santa Fe from Hampden Avenue, turn west on West Oxford Avenue. Then turn left at the Oxford Recycling sign.

1. Stay to the left and proceed to the south side of the two-toned brown office building.

2. Go up the stairs to obtain a disposal receipt and directions on dumping.

3. Drive carefully as loaders and trucks are running continually on the work site.

On-Site Services: Roll-off Containers

When space is an issue, we can wait while you load our truck. Our low-profile containers allow for easy loading by hand or machine. Please call for a quote.

Material:Concrete or Asphalt (not mixed)Mixed Concrete & AsphaltConcrete with excessive steel/rebarContainer Size:12 yd.12 yd.12 yd.


NO: Liquid/toxic materials/sewage/appliances/debris/sod/trash accepted in bins


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