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Construction Rock

Class 6 Aggregate Base Course (3/4” Roadbase)

Class 6 Aggregate Base Course is 100% post consumer concrete and meets or exceeds the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) specifications. This product has reinforcing steel removed and pieces no larger than ¾” down to dust. The most common usage is as a foundation for asphalt and concrete roadways. Compaction is obtained very easily because of the fractured faces created during the crushing process.

1½” Dry Screened Rock
(1½” DSR)

1 ½” Dry Screened Rock is produced from 100% post consumer concrete. This product has particles as large as 1 ½” down to ¾”, and can be used to stabilize a muddy driveway, roadway or parking lot. Other uses becoming more popular are as back fill behind retaining walls, in landscaping and as a parking surface for boats and recreational vehicles.

3” Dry Screened Rock (3"DSR)

Similar to our 1 1/2” DSR, but larger. Because of the larger size this product is used more frequently on construction sites to manage mud. Particles as large as 3” greatly reduce the amount of mud from tires before a vehicle leaves a construction site.

¾” Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

Recycled Asphalt Pavement is an inexpensive and economical alternative to “hot” asphalt. Our RAP bonds back together similar to that of hot asphalt, but for a substantial savings. We recommend a depth of 4” to ensure proper compaction. This is a good product to use for any parking, roadway or driveway area.


This small granular product is similar to sand, but coarser and is commonly used for dog runs, drainage, backfill, playgrounds and sand boxes.

3”–6” Vehicle
Tracking Rock

Natural granite stone crushed to 3”-6” size. Several Denver metro area counties have approved this product for use to reduce tracking of mud onto roadways.

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